Caribbean Cottage Communities

Green Building: Self-Sustainable Home Building

We promote an approach to self-sustainable homes that is unique on the Island. All homes are built by local labor with local supplies. Water, electricity and sewage are completely self-sustained. Other than maintenance, our homes are independent, self-sustainable designs that are net-zero-impact on the environment and cost effective. This 'smart building' provides a great potential leverage for future value.

1. Economically and environmentally sustainable energy

All homes will have their own self contained power systems which will give homeowners substantial savings. Island power is now at over 50 cents (USD) per kWh, about 4 times the average US rate and has frequent outages, inconsistent voltage and other problems. Our hybrid wind-solar systems will pay for themselves fully in 3-5 years and deliver clean affordable energy that is always stable. See Green Power page for more details.

2. Clean, safe water

We build homes that use fresh clean rain water and do not deplete the ground water system. Storage cisterns are generally incorporated into the foundation for very cost effective building and also have back up from a safe deep well.

3. Sustainable sewage treatment

We use a holding tank and leach field sewage systems that have no adverse environmental effects as the dense surrounding forest consumes nutrient run off completely.


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